With Sincere Thanks!

I feel very humbled and thankful ~ Amber and Sheri nominated me for this Kreativ Blogger Award. Thank you both so much!!! With the Thanksgiving holiday and all the things I needed to catch up on lately, I had to push this out till I could catch my breath. The requirements to post the award on my blog were each alittle different ~ with Amber, I'm to post about 6 things I value, and 6 things that I don't care for so much and nominate my 6 receivers. Sheri's was to nominate my 5 receivers. I'm going to combine the two (I hope you don't mind...). If you click on Sheri or Amber's names, it'll take you to their wonderful blogs (also part of the requirements, but you should check out what they are up to anyway! hee hee)... I've not done this before, so I hope I'm doing it right!

OK, the 6 things that I value are -
* God's goodness and grace in my life
* my DH, Jim, who is a loving husband and super father
* my 4 wonderful children who bless my life every day
* my parents who are so supportive and filled with wisdom
* my friends who I laugh with, cry with, and fill me with encouragement
* the good health of my family

Now, the 6 things I don't care for very much (I am going to stick with personal quirks here) -
* lima beans
* socks with seams that rub under my toes
* socks with any holes -OK, I've just realized I have issues about my feet :)
* curtains open at night time
* dogs without manners (don't like dogs that jump up on you or beg at the table)
* loud music or TV

OK, paying this award forward, here are 6 people who inspire me for different reasons -
Jen - love your stories and humor
Stephanie - love you sharing recipes, events and scenery around your beautiful city
Sara - you have such a fabulous variety of projects
Renee - your creativity is wonderful
Sara - another creative guru here :)
Jan - your hard work with your SU business is inspirational and your classes look so fun!

Part Two -

Sheri gave me this award a couple months ago, but being a relatively new blogger who didn't blog hop, I didn't know much about other people's blogs or really what to do. Sheri is so sweet and helpful to answer some questions, so I'm paying this award forward with a couple of blogs that I like to visit -
Tai - your ideas are so fresh and fun
Twila - your project variety is fabulous

Thanks again, Sheri and Amber! I appreciate your thoughtfulness so much!


Tai said...

June: Thanks a million for giving me this award. I have never had anyone give me a blog award before. I am just plain Jane when it comes to stamping and just everyday life. It really means a lot to me that you took the time out to give me a reward.
Thanks again.

Twila said...

June, Thanks for the blog award. How exciting to think people really read my blog and like it! What are the rules for this award?
Have a great day! Love your blog.

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