Vacation Album pgs 13-16

Page 13 - Beach Treasures
This two page spread is my favorite one - I love the colors and the ripped squares of different cardstock along the bottom. The starfish was hand-cut and sponged, and I used a stylus to make raised dots along each arm... can you see them? The title tag has SU's cheesecloth background stamp on it.

Page 14 - Beach Treasures
I really never understood the purpose of those posts in the sand that we sometimes see at a beach, but I thought it would be cute to add on this page. The "rope" is black embroidery floss.

Page 15 - Sandcastles
I didn't have any sandcastle stamps at the time and had to borrow these from a friend. I sanded the edges of the block to distress them a bit.

Page 16 - Relax
Whenever I go on vacation with my family of 6, it seems like I don't get enough "relaxation" time since we're usually so busy hoppin' from one place to the next! How about you? But I'm sure that with an entire week at the beach, they were able to catch a moment or two just to simply relax!

Tomorrow's post is the last few pages of the vacation album... I hope you are able to swing by!


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Anything beach-y works for me!!

Krissie said...

Great layouts, love the pages you've been posting, great for ideas!

Twila said...

Great beach pages. You are doing wonderfully with this project.

Jessica G. said...

I love those beach pages too. You did a fantastic job on that starfish!

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